In continuous morphogenesis kollektiv has blaized it´s strail, gently, but energetic evolving it´s musical localization

The release of the last album Eichenriegel [2009, Danse Macabre], is only four years back.
On 13th September finally another studio album is ready:

Ten Songs in well known, developed into a modern pop style, with unmistakable ’80s flair.

Partly influenced, partly accompanied by powerfull synth pads presents The even more developed sound. Fascinating, sometimes odd sounding melodies meet fine, yet often profound lyrics. So the music makers produce a unique atmosphere – a newly-launched, its roots and origin are also clear.

From the start of the new album has a great, fantastic sound – and punishes the first song his own name – he has everything but Massive Schwächen (massive weaknesses)!

The distinctly 80s-influenced sound of Sieben continues with the new Treu until the Sonnenwinde (winds of sun) carry the listener not only into space but also into memories.

But the dark and melancholic origin of the band is found unmistakably in Ich seh es nicht as much again as in Wer willst du sein, in which case the character of is to hear. They are obviously influenced by maybe the best electric sound bands ever, not least recognizable because of the warm sounds of the saxophone.

Between dream and illusion, the album moves through from Von Anbeginn to Kindes Garten, which is obviously related to real events.

Finally, really not has to ask for Vergebung (forgiveness ) at least with the penultimate title, certainly not with a view of the intense contact with final song Lauf!
So listen now with all your senses!


Involved units: 7

Kollektiv-unit 5022….Mixing / Sound / Media-art
Kollektiv-unit 262….Rhythm / Sequencing
Kollektiv-unit 438….Arrangement / Programming / Media-art
Kollektiv unit 454….Lyrics / Spoken words
Kollektiv unit 126….Vocals
Kollektiv unit 128….Vocals
Kollektiv unit 820….Saxophon


001 / Massive Schwächen
002 / Sieben
003 / Treu
004 / Sonnenwinde
005 / Ich seh es nicht
006 / Wer willst du sein
007 / Von Anbeginn
008 / Kindes Garten
009 / Vergebung
010 / Lauf!

Produced & Mixed

May-Aug. 2013 @ kollektiv headquarter


Jan Kirchner @ da da studio