The 2016-EP-Album is a compact and powerfull piece of this Band ! 5 Songs between the wellknown style of the studio-project and some fresh, new influences. Great Opera-Vocals meet electronic Powermusic! Cool dancefloor-sounds meet metaphoric lyrics.

With “Android” the band reached a new level of electronic modern sound without loosing there own history.

For the musical program, the project is complemented by an extensive look both in the form of numerous graphics and video, but also a few photos, the musicians have to recognize even never completely or only dimly.

The music is determined by the content sometimes complex text content from some abstract topics such as transience and philosophy, but also partly concrete recent German and international history is brought into focus.

android cover


Involved units: 7

Kollektiv-unit 5022….Mixing / Sound / Media-art
Kollektiv-unit 438….Arrangement / Programming / Media-art
Kollektiv unit 454….Lyrics / Spoken words
Kollektiv unit 128….Vocals
Kollektiv unit 820….Vocals
Kollektiv unit 62….Vocals
Kollektiv unit 223….Vocals


001 / Android
002 / Ein Brief
003 / 500000 Jahre
004 / Seelenblues
005 / Frei im Ich

Produced & Mixed

Febr. 2014 – Jan. 2016 @ kollektiv headquarter


Maximilian Hardinghaus @ Milian Mastering